Sunday, February 21, 2010

Of Notes and a Moving Sunday

Thursday night. Attended "These are Days" at Manila Peninsula. And yes, the show is still ongoing. Visit the newly opened Blanc Gallery :)

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Saturday afternoon. Sitting in front of the paved way, watching clouds and cars passing by. Drinking banana-carrots, thinking about so many things that i can't tell, hahah, things that are achingly bothering me. And thinking how many people drinking fruit shakes are convinced that Gibo should be the next president of the Republic of the Philippines.


Sunday morning. Wind chimes, cheering birds and Mori wiggling his tail on my tummy rose me early. Today is extremely hot, signaling that summer is knocking at the front step. Despite of my doc's precaution that i can't go under direct sunlight, hahah, yes, like a real vampire, i'd like to take a bit of walk today. I don't want to think much about work though i'll be semi-working later and tomorrow's another Monday. Today is devoted to all the things i love.


(back to ninja mode)

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