Saturday, October 23, 2010

finding own muse on a rainy week

This is the most rainy week yet. After Juan, weather reports said that Katring will make landfall this noon. As a matter of fact, it is starting to rain as i write, the wind coming to the veranda is getting colder and i see glimpses of lightning slashing the gray clouds. I was sick starting Sunday last week (yea, i'm almost well now but i'm still harboring a dry cough, yaiks). Good thing, i'm just making halloween and christmas deco stuff this week so the projects are not too tough at all. I'm just dreading the fact that i cannot chop my time for studying and drawing because i had to sleep all throughout the rest of the day. Pending homeworks and sketches are camping on my working table.

Since i can't move around much (i feel wimpy booo), i'm just busying mi self jotting down ideas, searching references for new piezas and reading anything that struck my fancy. I passed by this new bookshop near the train station and i went googled-eye on the series of display.

Speaking of books, aside from The Book that Changed my Life and the Turner (God knows when will i finish that one, hahah), i'm also into Time and Again by Jack Finney. I seriously recommend this book if you're into historical fiction.

Inspirations --- The Submarines' Honeysuckle Weeks  is giving me so much words to play with. Listening to lyrics bouncing with the tunes is sparking tiny images in my head. Plus, i thanked Stephen Chbosky for writing The Perks of Being a Wallflower (yes, i wrote on his fb wall, heheh). One line, that line from a chapter is inspiring so much of a project we're putting up right now. Soon! *wink*

Yesterday, i read on the papers that UAAD celebrated Maria Carpena's 124th birth anniversary. Maria Evangelista Carpena is the first ever Filipino recording artist. I find this song really nostalgic. Imagine, she would sing at Luneta (those were the days that Luneta Park is their version of our Araneta Coliseum and SMX concert grounds) to 20,000+ local and foreign audience with an orchestra accompaniment. It's really fascinating to look back and remember a historic value of Filipino Arts and Culture.

Today, i must tend to my messy cork board. Updating it with a new line up of sketches and piezas to do (am yet to complete my refs). After totally recovering from this flu, i will catch up with all the pending stuff. The catching up started hours ago by dating mi two girl friends ~ a fun, entertaining and educational breakfast (we're the only ones who breakfast dates until 2 in the afternoon, how about that, hahah). Lying down beside that latte freebie (don't you luv free yummy drinks heheh) is a scribbled mystery page - one i'm now lining up and will be doing on my free time. For snow globes. ;)

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