Wednesday, October 13, 2010

shooting the moon

Such a very busy start of the month. Mi first and second days of October were spent attending lectures. The succeeding days were rolled up with some freelance stuff and preparations for the 14th of Oct show. And until this evening I spent a couple of hours at ccp to install works. I also had fun helping Froi with his space, discovering that i have a knack with oldschool/cursive graffitis (i'd like to do it in my apartment's wall, too!). Just come on the 14th and you'll see what i'm talking about ~ different techniques, representations, a lot of piezas to sight-see. :)

Meanwhile, i'm already on the third A.Ocampo book, while flipping pages of this curious hardcover, hahah. And i'm not even done with the Turner. This is my problem at times, i read several books all at the same phase. Anyway, i think i'm this attached to the Turner book even when done with it, it will never be shelved. 

I should slow down a bit this week (and next week). My sprained left shoulder is still pricking. So the next days, i'm making time for the pico sketches, watching some good films, and idling (while still on for studyplates). Catching up with zzzs, too. 

A view down the harbour square. Staring at the just-faded-sunset
and wondering if a yatch can bring me home by routing the bay
to the river going Boni. :P 

Oh, and this is how i'll fin the night with warm milk and shooting the moon. 

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