Saturday, August 14, 2010

today, saturday

... i am beat. I failed to get the larger-than-me papers in Paco, Manila. Talking about tough luck. Seems like i'll finish the smaller piezas first than the larger ones. Two weeks. Two weeks to go before i hit the panic button. *panic grin*

Meanwhile, while i decide if i'll drink coffee or take a nap first before i proceed to the drawing board, here are some photos of the day...

Paco Park and the two figures talking.


Silip Rinigan at Guijo, Makati -- which is still ongoing right now; drop by today if you're in the area, i just went home early but before i left, the bands are already performing - Lally Buendia's there, Tether <3, Turbo Goth, Paranoid City, and many more!


My Mochi Series together with other works by the Spraygraphic people.
For more, feast here.


I love the door to the exhibit area. Classic! :)

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