Monday, November 22, 2010

evening, bridgeway walk


As early as now, lights and Christmas trees of all sizes are already visible all over the metro ~ signaling that it's only a week before December kicks in. The weather is getting cooler, too, especially in the wee hours of the morning. And soon, i will hear the church bells ring every dawn starting on the 16th. 

How's your November ender? :)


  1. Love this picture.

    My november has been so busy and I've had a severe lack of blogging inspiration. GAH.


  2. Hi Heather :) I hope things are doing great with you and Asia.

    Same here. I think everyone's really hustling this November. Whenever i encounter blocks, i look at photos, sight-see, look around (spy around hahah), or read random words. Somewhere in the middle, there will be one tiny spark that will light up to disperse the block. :) Hope that helps.

    And i love your latest photos! It matches the mood of your post. ;)