Friday, November 12, 2010

the nick effect

sketching with Nick Drake's Bryter Layter 

“At the chime of the city clock ”

"But at the chime of a city clock
Put up your road block
Hang on to your crown
For a stone in a tin can
Is wealth to the city man
Who leaves his armour down"

"On the fence in the sun"

"Come, come sit down on the fence in the sun
And the clouds will roll by
And we’ll never deny
It’s really too hard
For to fly"


  1. lovely new site sweeting! :-)
    and we missed you!
    (sent you an email :-D)

  2. Nice to meet you! I love your artwork! I wish I had more talent in that area.

    And exciting about your sister! I am the youngest of 7 children, I always wished I had a little sister. I can imagine what an exciting moment that would be.

  3. hi heather, nice meeting you too! thank you! some of my artworks are still experimental right now but i'm studying to improve.

    and your Asia is really adorable. i'm pretty sure that when Asia grows up, you two will just look like cool sisters :D

  4. Eus! it's so good to hear from you guys! i know you're both busy. i missed you too. are you in germany right now? or spain? (checking the mail) :D