Tuesday, November 9, 2010

when each morning cup becomes unique

trying to make a tree :P

So far, this is the most decent latte art i've done. I'm trying to make a tree (or sea waves, it also resembled an uncoordinated wave splash hahah) ~ but i ran out of milk/cream. My latte looks malnourished, but really, far from selling myself, it tasted good. Better luck next day. >:P 

Now, done with the edible art, i'm going back to mi drawing table.. :)

Disclaimer: this photo do not intend to cause havoc to those who can't drink coffee, *look who's talking hahah* (promise, Pierre, i'll make you one when i'm successful enough). 


  1. use a stick and some chocolate syrup ---

    1.) pour chocolate syrup going from the sides to the center - very much like a swirl

    2.) get a stick (toothpick would do) and starting FROM the center of the cup, draw 4 lines (imagine a compass -N,S,W,E you should know, you're an artist)

    3.)then from the sides going TO the center, draw another four lines (they're the hybrid directions of your compass --- NW,SW,NE,SE)

    4.) take a picture of it and post away.

  2. Cool! Thanks for the tip :) Although i'm minimizing coffee intake these days..