Thursday, December 2, 2010

first sky of december

1pm, dec 1st

Utterly lovely. The first noon of December is basked with puffy, shape-shifting, and smudgy clouds. The skies resemble summer but it's not hot at all. And in the evening, countless stars are outshining the city lights. My sketches are starting to grow with pages inspired by the year ender's hues.

paper cut outs and threads
I'm almost done with the decorations. I'm still flipping the origami book. :)

And since it's the first day of the last month of the year, i braved to be different and did something i've never done before, hahaha. Because i don't have a remarkable dress for the first holiday party i attended, i set to make it up by suddenly growing long hair, Yoko Ono and Zooey Deschanel inspired! >:P 

DSC_8903 copy

It's fun to change hair once in a while. I just have to tell my sister it's me before she did let me in my apartment, hahah. 

Ps. parfait finds:
* Caterpillar Juice - i love spinach! i can eat to my hearty tummy's content. will try this out. 
* ikle & Lardee - i'm such a big fan of these cute toothies. 

So, how's your first sky of the month? :)


  1. It's actually sunny today here as well, I'm so happy about it. Where do you live?

    P.S. You are so pretty, love the hair :)

  2. I like your hair too.
    What did you do to it? Extensions or something? Very pretty.

    And, thanks for the juice shout-out! What a nice little surprise!

  3. Heather, i'm currently in the Philippines. Sunshowers make a happy feel. Thank you dear! ;)

  4. Becca, i was actually wearing a wig. The bangs mixed with my own bangs and the hair on the ear part is my real strands. Lucky my friend lend me a wig that is almost the same tone of my hair. You're welcome! The juice looks yummy. Did you name it yourself? Because i love the name! ;)