Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wednesday midnight random thoughts

Today, i unearthed two old drawings while flipping over books in my shelf.

Drawing of my old white boots

Little rendition of Joc's (we were just talking minutes ago and he showed up in my pages, ahumm)

*I'm fond of using old subscription cards (found inserted in magazines/books) in some of my little drawings/sketches. People just throw it away but you see, when you coat it over with paint, you can find it a good base for thumbnail studies especially if the paper texture is good/thick.


I didn't see the Geminid last night (pout). It's too much cloudy.


I swear i'm going to finish all this Christmas party extravaganza this week and i'm off to study for the rest of my holiday vacation. I'm behind my study sched  and skipped three lessons straight because i'm busy with work and stuff. I'm failing in time management lately (to put in New Year's resolution list). This is really a serious business. And my hands are itching to finish some pending artworks.


Sad news on TV. Sigh. Le Sigh. Let's pray for Mang Lauro. It's so heartbreaking.


On the furry side of the early morning...


My macho guy in one of his immortal sleeps.

Ps. This song is jump-starting my day. Hope you enjoy!
(and jumping back to bed nowww)