Friday, March 25, 2011

fire & earthquake drill + how to kill a fire 101

1. Detach the fire extinguisher pin (follow the manual).

 2. Don't panic.

3. Aim!

4. "CHIEF, AYAW MAMATAY!" fire went bigger! -- scream for help!

and the help comes..

and another help!

again, don't panic. keep thy cool!
ps. captured pics of my embarrassing fire killing attempt by jhen :P

For complete helpful  tips on what to do during fire please refer here. Thankyaw! 
*Ciao! going back to packing boxes. 


  1. wow still looking hawt !!! no kidding and totally jealous with that sunnies.

    u have an awesome weekend dear

  2. Wow. That looks like..... hm... fun? >.< It's good to learn these things though! Stay safe!!! <3

  3. haha that actually does look kind of fun. i've never used a fire extinguisher before... lol maybe i should try?

    hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  4. your blog is so cute!
    if you want you will be my follower!:)

  5. Tiq, hahah! thank you. have an awesome weekend!

    Kat, yeah except when the fire got bigger. the heat was excruciating. even though, i learned something new. thanks! have a safe weekend, too!

    jenna, thank you. fun! you can try on a drill (lol) but with fire experts okay? :P have a lovely weekend!

    mjonas, sure thanks!

  6. That looks like fun!! And now you know that you can kick fires butt if you need to :)

  7. ah! that's so great you got to practice this. we have a fire extinguisher in our home, and i've read how to use it, but i always wonder what it would be like if i actually HAD to use it.

  8. i have no clue how to use one... better check that one out!

  9. thanks, friend!

    what a fun post- i had to do training and use a fire extinguisher. so fun! haha.