Saturday, June 4, 2011


As mentioned on the entry before this, i am seriously stunned with this artwork

These images are dedicated and perhaps in connection to Jose P. Rizal.

 Aside from the Blast Furnaces of Vizcaya, Juan Luna did another painting which he gave to Valentin Ventura (Jose Rizal's publisher). The three were really good friends.  
La Modelo Desnuda

Bust of a Woman by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo. Dedicated to JPR (Paris, September 188")

Portrait of Jose Rizal by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo.

I'm not yet around when these banknotes and coins were used in monetary.

The Mother's Revenge - replica of the scuplture Rizal made while he was on exile in Dapitan.  

Froilan Calayag's depiction of The Mother's Revenge.

BenCab's Rizal

Rizal with lover Josephine Bracken in sculpture by Napoleon Abueva.

JP Cuison's Rizalborg.

{Yuchengco Museum, 3rd of June}

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