Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy 5th, Artefact!

I bought my first Artefact journal last 2009 and i used it the whole year of 2010. I just finished all pages last week. Aside from being handmade, i love this journal because the blank pages gave me so much freedom of space to write or doodle anything that comes to my mind in an instant. 

I make my own calendar, too. So i'm into blank pages and this is the space-friendly journal for me. 

I consider my journal as my personal book (this being my 8th already). There's so much in it aside from simple ramble of thoughts, jotted words, and monthly goals. In there are random spark of ideas ~ where some of my artworks started from just a little study of circle, line, or dot; where my conscious and subconscious meet. 

Happy 5th year, Artefact! :)

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