Saturday, June 4, 2011

random snaps (still via JRP night)

I love this art installation. Gravity-defying.

The little girl was explaining how the stones became suspended in the air and you can barely see us! 

My shot of Chofi Potter and the Sorcerer's Stones. >:P

Now lemme zoom...

Intense detail, isn't?

Entrada del Rio De Binondo. Binondo, Manila during Spanish Era.

Escolta, Manila, Philippines.

Chinatown in painting

Old illustrated map of the Philippines.

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{Yuchengco Museum, 3rd of June}


  1. wow it's raining rocks. i like that installation too =)

  2. what a fun museum, and i LOVE that stone installation. wow!

  3. how on earth they installed the stones? lots of dedication needed for sure !

  4. Ria & Kim, same here! i was really in shocked when i saw this whole mass of installation in the middle of the galley :)

    Tiq, actually they are not real/purely stones. But they are made of materials resembling a stone. Probably lighter ones to keep it off the ground. :)

  5. @Tiq:
    Each rock hangs by a nylon string from a metal grid 20 meters above the floor. Think of it as a giant "pabitin."

    The rocks and carpet are made out of paper.

  6. Thanks for the correction and info Carla! :)