Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sea, Sky, Horizon, Us

Everything around is just so breath-taking. I didn't care if the waves were lashing crazy that very morning. It's just so fun to feel the sands rubbing at my feet while the wild water strongly rushed a chase over and over again. 

We're so overwhelmed by the waves, hahah. We started playing around as early as 6am. Never mind if the sea's still a chill for a starter (see me shivering at the last photo while Meg was exfoliating using the sands heheh). What's the earliest time you ever had your toes dipped in the water?

Hours to evening are equally stunning, too.

*Wave photos from Yumi's cam. 
Mine are the ocean snaps.
Paparazzi shots by my lady boss. 
Zoom to view more. 


  1. Your photos are beautful.
    And you are cool and sexy ^_^

  2. oh that wave collection of photos is stunning! and go you for getting in already at 6 in the morn! that's like a surfer! i have never been in the ocean that early, but it must be just amazingly beautiful at that hour!