Saturday, August 27, 2011

ManilaArt 2011

I had a very short chance to drop by at NBC Tent for the ManilaArt 2011. ManilaArt is an art festival in the Philippines showcasing artworks from top galleries all over the country and running on it's third year now. I forgot to bring my camera so I don't have much photos to show. Though, i hope these are decent enough to encourage you to come until the last exhibition day -- which is, uhmm today (up to 8 in the evening). Just make sure to bring your umbrella and zip tight because the weather isn't turning brightly and will not based on Pag-Asa's latest weather feeds. Oh and number coding is lifted in entire Metro Manila, still a convenient time to go if you're not too fastidious about the downpour. So if you're as unstoppable as Alain who's been tweeting no rain nor typhoon can stop him from travelling to, fro and out of the city, come down and see the artworks.

I remember coming to the first ManilaArt seeing Onib Olmedo's painting of Jeepney, then the second with Andres Barrioquinto's Crystal Gazer as banner pieces. This year, Elmer Borlongan's Batang Edsa is the artwork rep for the poster.


  1. Wow, what amazing art! This looks like an incredible art festival to be able to go to!

  2. Hi there Sunshine! It is! I learned a lot by just looking on each art. It is always so helpful and inspiring.