Saturday, September 3, 2011

2nd of Sept

Just few random photos. I took a day off from work (means I was working until midnight the day before hahah). Waited for Googs to finish her job training. Went around to browse books while waiting. Roamed around and found a grotto nearby - spent some time there uttering my birthday prayers and hanging out at the bench under a tree enjoying the serene afternoon and its light rain. Unfortunately, I didn't able to snap a pic of the place because I was too contented and absorbed basking with the quiet so let's just leave my secret spot unknown. Thereafter, had a good time with Googs. I always like to keep my birthday simple. Just a day to refresh my head, nurture my heart, embrace new wisdom and be so much thankful for another year that comes. My wish is granted.

My entourage :P

School of fish. So pretty with lights and bubbles.
Landing at the moon with Googs. 

City lights. It never fails to storm on my birthday. More blessings? :)

Customary-bday-pics by Googs :P 



  1. oh i love the sound of your birthday - simple, refreshing, nurturing - sounds perfect! i'm glad it was such a great day. happy new year of life!! i hope it's the best year yet. :)

  2. I'm hoping too, Kim! :) The first quarter of the year isn't good to me hahah. May the remaining of the year make it up.