Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was am sick so i'm stuck in my nest for four days now. I tried to do things, went out to visit places and work on with my school documents, tried to forget about getting sick, and moved on with my week -
but i just got sicker, hahah, so i took a serious non-cheated rest.
While in the middle of not faking my hybernation, i read this book...

Creepy cover isn't? Wait til i show you few photographs from the book.

And these two are my most favorites.

Curious? Go here
Ps. These are authentic vintage found photos taken eons of years ago. 

*All images belong to the book
and the personal archives of photo collectors from Mr. Rigg's list.


  1. I hope you get better soon! It can be so hard to really, truly rest sometimes, but our bodies seem to force us too if we don't. So rest and get better!

    That book looks fascinating. I checked out that video. Really creepy, but interesting!

  2. Yaikeeeey! Looking at those is giving me goosebumps esp the pool foto!

  3. I remember going to an old library inside Intramuros. They have photos like these, too. Spanish to Japanish era. Creepy but historically significant in many ways.