Monday, December 5, 2011


This is one of the most favorite living things i love to put on the background of my works. 
It gives the airy impression of home.

Sketching branches at UP Diliman.
The photos are quite creepy isn't? It's a little foggy after a heavy downpour. 

It's three weeks before Christmas! And i still have a lot of things to do. Yaiks.
How about you? Done with shopping?

Smog fog dog hog jog wog log nog tog yog cog vog.
Portmanteau heh? Smog. All over the city.
Hoping this week will turn out nice (please please),

Ps. This is unrelated to the tree post, but i'm noting - one of a hundred things to do before i die.
I'd like to do a loooooong zipline first (i did one shorter but a hundred feet high nonetheless), then a skydive, then tadaaah. I'm an accident-prone (a little wimpy) person in real life. But who knows. 


  1. The photos of the trees are so cool! And I love the one of the Christmas tree :) You're very talented!