Sunday, February 5, 2012

clumsy but still running

Aside from curing my memory problem, i've been running lightly every Sunday morning to improve my balance. I'm a clumsy and accident-prone person. I decided that if i have to stay alive for a longer time, i need to do something for my posture (constant yoga but i'm not too diligent to follow daily sched), the sturdiness of my limbs, and to gain proper human locomotor skills. I did five rounds for few Sundays and today i raised it to seven. I think i'm doing well. My injured rib isn't as painful as my first two Sundays of running. Maybe next time i can do a ten. If i can't gain weight by eating (i eat like a construction worker) i will do it by growing muscles. Also, i prefer to run solo for the meantime. I look seriously odd and mismatched when jogging (my sister almost choked herself laughing) and i don't want to embarrass myself any further. 

Good day to run, isn't? It was a cold morning, perfect weather to warm up with this song


  1. You know I'm the first person to support you in this! Go go go!!! :)