Thursday, February 2, 2012

keep the wheel turning

my student's first try on the pies

Making color wheel looks easy but consider how relatively tricky color is and you may find yourself wondering if you had the exact amount of color and the correctness of its complementary match. Back in college, Color Theory is one of the hardest subjects in art studies. Learning color is a difficult feat, it ate my brains out. It challenged my critical thinking and perception. So i had this wicked idea heh, to make it the topic of our third session.

Important points:
~ Mix to get the perfect primary colors. Don't rely on the paint tubes. Not all content infos can be trusted, you'll just get a murky shade out of mixing two.
~ To get the right middle color, mix 1/2 and 1/2 not two wholes.
ex. middle gray = 1/2 pigment of black + 1/2 pigment of white
~ Understanding color context is essential in knowing color contrast and how color behaves in relation to other colors.
~ A visual impact of a color depends on the relative lightness and intensity of the hues.

In irrelevance to this nerdy post, i give you furs-rrrr ...

My exchange student Kyla.
Mori messing up with used clothing. He likes to sniff worn clothes.
Scheming plans for world domination.

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