Monday, February 20, 2012


Last Saturday night, i got invited to the exclusive Tuesday Club Meet-Up. I finally got to meet Rosee (who flew all the way from CA), May (second time after two years hahah), and their mirror friends. 

Side note: Kaya pala the Sonja's delicious cupcakes tasted so familiar, i had it for my past birthdays, i just didn't know where they bought it. I love the oldschool ambiance of the bakery. It feels so homey. 

Shempre si Ate talaga ang model ng red lipstick at ng tc wristwatches!

Happy birthday Winna! :)

I made these wrist watches in a rush earlier that morning so it doesn't look so refined.

 On Joy's wrist.

On Angel.. este, Onin's wrist.

The ever so posh Azey. Sayang wala akong feather shot. :)

It was a really fun night. Until next time. :)


Pretty photos taken by Azey's sister Joy...

Her shots are yummier!

Winna and I on our own chika counter.

Azey, Onin and May

I had a little accident so i got band-aids on my body to cover horrible bruises. :(
Oh, this shot with mi fave flavour. :)