Tuesday, May 8, 2012

James Chororos

"Thoughtful, passionate, and progressive, James Chororos is a 28 year old architect, designer, and freelance photographer. After studying fine art, architecture, and engineering, he now works full time at Studio Daniel Libeskind in NY. James’ work is nostalgic but contemporary, he is always attempting to uncover the unique characteristics of an everyday moment or fragment in time: 'I hope that my images express the personal sentiment that I discover in the places and experiences that I photograph.' James is greatly inspired by music, memories, drawings, and design in all of its forms." - Interview by ARTchipel, May 2012

James Chororos' Photography makes me want to pack up my bag, pick my map and go places. Stirred up my wanderlust! :)

*All images belong to James Chororos' tumblr. Interview quoted from his bio. Visit his website to view more of his awesome works.


  1. oh wow! his photographs are so stunning! :D I love the one of the smoking crater.... just wow.

    love, polly :D