Thursday, July 9, 2009

Si Tana Dicang

Among all the photo references of Tana Dicang, i became so attached with the one wearing shades in a baro attire. Not because i was feeling goosebumpy all over with the other photos, hahah (one midnight, while i was staring at her, i actually imagined the eyes blinking :P). Think it has something to do with me being a big lola's girl, i like cool lolas and she looked so cool on that sepia pic. I'm guessing it was taken one summer while she's having a siesta in their hacienda.

Here's my own rendition of Capitana Dicang. Too bad, i forgot to take a real photo of it. But it looks something like this in a not-so-detailed-sort-of-way. Happy trip to negros mi painting!

(in light & dark)


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