Saturday, October 24, 2009

crazy friday and enkindling saturday

Trick or Tricked


~ i can't believe i drew in a moving jeepney.
~ i can't believe i fell asleep at the front seat of a speeding cab (in the middle of finishing my drawing). am i that exhausted? or was it just that trafficked?
~ joined a group show
~ went to my first Ababu experience. Thanks for the recommendation, Joby.


~ i missed Mami Mumay and Kuya Ryan's wedding :(
~ why? because of the bloody left ear. :(
~ did not see Marvie, as well.

how to make up on a Saturday?

What else to do with just one ear working but .. sleep - bzzzzz! :D

Fire up the kitchen and create edible things. :D

Spoil the Saturday with different dressed brownies!

Quality colour time with blank surfaces :)

And give life to three pots.

This evening all is a connected by a silver cord that hums with calmness the further it is stretched.


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