Thursday, November 25, 2010

phases and photographs










These photos are by my photographer friends Uma and Shenandoah (dated from few years back up to this year). Starting from day one when Uma bought her first camera, me agreeing to work for her first out-of-town photowalk project, and Shenan joining in ~ these photos are image timelines of our friendship as well. I'm not really into modeling but doing this for my friends is always an exception, hahah. I had a hard time choosing my faves from the tons of poses they sent for my own personal copy but my mind automatically arranged one photo and another based on my personal phases. Even clothes we decided to use are the kind i wear any day. They have been through with me during tough times: previous work stress, struggles, heartbreak, and gathering back my glow. And yes, i agree with them that these photos depict my life for the past three years.


The best part of working with them is we don't simply do the shoot but we learn a lot from each other. I love it when they give me tips about photography. And i appreciate it when they trust to get my opinions for the shoot. And we eat a lot, hahah, and talk about crazy stuff during breaks. I heard them share their hopes and dreams in life and i can't help but be inspired by these wonderful girls. :)

uma twing me

I'm looking forward to see you again soon girls.

(cheers from left to right: Uma, Shenandoah, and yours truly) 

Isn't it amazing how you can find history through lens? 



  1. You are BEAUTIFUL! Wow!

    This is why I love photography. It's nostalgic feeling and ability to capture beauty all around and bring back amazing memories.

    Love this post!

  2. Thank you Heather. And you are, too! :)

    Yes! Photographs are the wonders of movement caught in still motion!

    By the way, i love your photo of the yard and trees with the wintry sky; and this adorable photo of Asia in a bucket-looking swing. Those two are memorable. :)

  3. Such lovely photos, Gracey! I agree how beautiful it is to capture a rough timeline of your life through the lens.

    (Our lens just broke, just in time for the last couple weeks of our living here... so that's a little sad! Back to point and shoot, and boy oh boy can you tell the quality difference!)

    I also wanted to respond to your use of "tummy angel." I think that's one of the sweetest things I've ever heard!!! Thank you :)

  4. Heather, capturing every bit and detail of joy in one's daily life ~ none other than ~ your tummy angel photos! :D

    He/She is getting bigger and the developments are exciting as day passes by..

    *(exactly! i use a point and shoot, too since i'm having a hard time carrying a bigger one around. talking about the advantage of convenience hahah)