Friday, November 26, 2010

papers and anchors

My whole day was all about finishing the paper cutouts for the Christmas decoration. By next week, we'll set up the pop-up tree. It felt like doing a huge pop-up book, hahah. My shirt and leggings are covered with green, gold, and silver glitters. I had myself achoo-ing every hour but i didn't mind. The lights stretching down the avenue make the spirit of decoracion inspiring and tireless. I'm enjoying the train ride home, too. The city lights together with the Christmas adornments make the night pretty.

Meanwhile, i am thinking whether i'll add some origamis for the Christmas craft. There are a lot pretty ones but the structure is a complication, hahah. What is your favorite origami?

christmas decor

And while deciding next week's craft, i'm to focus back on my ongoing pieza again this weekend. I'm really behind schedule and i need to get new paint brushes, brrr. I can't believe i mixed up and accidentally switched a November target deadline to December. Phew..

I'm on the road down south tomorrow. If time allots, I hope i can drop by an area to see if these are still there..

provence mural 2, slex
provence mural 3, slex
These Provence murals are a college project. :)

Anyway, i'm off to pack my bag for the next day's road trip agenda. I wish everyone a great and wonderful Thanksgiving Day! :)


Today, i'm thankful of my anchors. 
These wonderful particles that create every bit of the air i breathe. 

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