Saturday, November 20, 2010

what to wear

I. What to wear for --> the Christmas Party i'll be attending on the 17th of December. I know it is still some weeks from now, but since i'm in charge for the decorations of the whole place and i'm currently sketching the layout and what ornaments to do, the what-to-wear dilemma keeps popping in my mind. The theme of the party is all about anything kiddie so we are required to show up as a cartoon or children's story character. These are my current costume choices:

xmas party costume choices

Choice #1 - Tiger (of Winnie the Pooh), because i want to make it up to my halloween-tiger-to-cat call-out, hahah. This time i'm going to rawr! :P 

Choice #2 - Stitch. I hope i can find a costume. Stitch is so so cute and cuddly despite being sharp-toothy.

Choice #3 - If there's one non-animal/non-alien i'd like to be for the party, it'll be Peter Pan. :)

*Yea, for some unknown reason, i have a fetish in wearing mascot suits, hahah! 

II. What to wear for --> an upcoming exhibit on the 3rd of next month. Ahh, this one is about a week from now. Usually i just wear anything i like and anything comfortable. But the coordinator said the event is a private gala (and i'm just allowed to bring one guest, pout) to be attended by some consulate ambassadors so i think i should dress up a little to be more presentable. A nice vintage dress is what i have in mind. 

Today, I delivered some of my artworks for the exhibit. Tiring but i'm quite excited. And i'm also excited for a friend of mine who is currently writing a book. I wish i can take a little peek in her drafts, hahah. I'm getting thrilled for her book launch next year. :) 


  1. You are so funny, with your thing for mascot wear :) My vote would be for Peter Pan because it's costumey and Christmasy. But I'm not sure why he's Christmasy, I just feel it in my bones :)

    Congrats on the exhibition!!!

  2. I'd say go for peter pan. It looks really cute and feminine too. :)

    Good luck on the exhibition! :)

  3. Heather, maybe Peter Pan looks Christmasy because his green resembles a Christmas elf's? :)

    Alice, i love wearing boots so this costume will be a great excuse to be in a pair of those cute browns! :)

    Thank you girls! The exhibit's right in time for my year-ender. And yea, i hope i can find possible means for that costume! If not, my second choice will be Tiger hahah.

    Ps. We really love Peter Pan! <3 When i was little, i even thought he's real and hoped that by opening our attic, he'll show up, hahah :P