Tuesday, November 16, 2010

playing with crayons, pastels, and fur

DSCN0485 copy
"The Rabbit's Lair"
~ playing with crayons & pastels

mori rawr
And playing with my furry pal ~ hilarious face! :)


  1. For some reason I really (reallyreallyreallyrellly) like the Rabbit's Lair. I can't say why exactly but it reminds me of Alice Through The Looking Glass, but darker XD

  2. i really really like it too!
    it's like a dream. then there's an invisible maze in that dream. :)

  3. lol, yea, where the past meets the present, hahah

  4. Thank you for your comment on my tattoo! Your art is beautiful!

    I'm from the PI, too! I was born in Mindoro, where my mom is from; my dad was from Manila.

    Hope we can be great blog friends! Have a wonderful day. =)

  5. hi hazel :) the tattoo is really pretty. i always wished i can get one, too, but unfortunately i have skin asthma. so i just go for henna tattoo from time to time hahah.

    oh, i see. that's why you looked like a Filipina.

    thanks, i'm following you too :) yay! looking forward to be blog friends with you! ;)

  6. I love it! You are amazing.

    And your cat is so adorable. What's his/her name?!

  7. Thanks Heather! Can i call you heather? I find Heather a pretty name. I'm a fan of Heather Nova. :)

    His name is Morita. But we call him Mori for short. He's having his tantrums in those photos :P

  8. Yeah, feel free to call me Heather. I sometimes go by that as I have always LOATHED my first name.

    Someday I'll probably just legally change my name. Hahah.

    I love your cat, he's awesome!

  9. Don't worry, i like the name Heather, haha!

    Thank you :) If he can only read the likes post for him, he'll grow another smug face, hahah!