Sunday, January 2, 2011

the first piece of the year is the sound of her bath


The Sound of Her Bath
Watercolour & Charcoal


Some people have a habit of singing or humming in the bath. Hand-raised guilty here! :P
Do you?

Anyway, planning to make a canvas work something intertwined to this one. 


  1. this is really nice! you are so cool!

  2. Wow, that's fantastic!! It's a really cute idea :) I sing in the shower..and in the car..and in the supermarket.. singing is the best! Even if my voice isn't :p

  3. Kaylia, you sing in the supermarket? :) How? I'm curious! :P

    Polly & Anon, thank you!! :)

  4. haha thank you so so much! can you believe it? $4??

    love, polly ;)

  5. you mean, you play the violin while taking a bath?

  6. @Anonymous, Nope not me. But i knew people who get their heads humming with music inspiration in the bath. I was particularly thinking of that idea while making this. It may be surreal but i always believe that in art, boundaries do not exist, anything is possible.. such as music in the middle of bubbling water. :)

  7. it looks like you though. nice study by the way

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