Friday, January 28, 2011

rockets, heights, and lights


This week, i'm very occupied with miniature rocket ship prototypes and a hoard of design assignments. I plan to do rockets for an upcoming event. You can just imagine how messy my table is now. And i vow to clean my working area before this week ends. I'm glad that my creative space in the office is situated near the window because i love staring at shape-shifting clouds when i'm stressed out. But today, i can't even raise the blinds due to random stuff piling up over the window isle, hahah. Must get things done.

Leaving you with this short video i made out of the ferris wheel shot i took during our last last month's stroll down south. I think this is the longest cold spell we've had since i can remember, brrr. Happy weekend! ~ Ciao :) 


  1. oh man! I feel like I'm going to pass out. Arghhhhhhhhhhh
    Acrophobic! T_T

  2. yay! i love that song. and a video from a ferris wheel is such a fun idea! loved it.

  3. i've always liked those miniature rockets.. very cute.

  4. hi gracey, sorry it took me this long to reply. yep im in edinburgh to study. :D

  5. These are nice. I love working near the window, too.