Tuesday, March 22, 2011

and the city shook

Nope, not because of him roughing it (photo: Mori playing with his flipflop, yes he claimed it already). But because of a 5.7 magnitude earthquake that shook Metro Manila and the nearby provinces. I was still working with my design deadlines when i noticed Patrick Star swaying sideways, i thought i was just imagining things until my seat shook. 

We're hoping that the quake won't have follow-up aftershocks. After what happened in Japan, people here are very sensitive to this kind of natural occurrence. With a lot of political rumbles going on in the Senate hearing the whole day and all the news circulating twenty four seven, too, we need the energetic positivity vibe like Patrick's big-mouthed grin. And Libya's Gaddafi? One word: insane. He needs some Patrick Star in his life, too. 

By the way, did you see the super moon? I didn't but i caught a stretch of clouds across the dark night sky. 

Even though i didn't see the moon phenomenon, i was shone by this stellar watcher at the fire exit a while ago. 

This kind of night sky makes me sleepily wander around my thoughts. The kind of feeling that the world will be a better place when you wake up. The stars are missing in this portion of the sky but they're all present in the opposite corner from where the light radiates. Sleepy sleepy atmosphere.. 


  1. oh wow, an earthquake would definitely be extra scary right now. glad it was just a small one! i didn't get to see the super moon either! it was really cloudy and rainy all weekend. oh well! i hope your week is fantastic!

  2. Thank God you are ok.

    Back in 2004 when Tsunami hit Banda Aceh, we felt a small tremor in Malaysia too. It was the scariest moment ever, we live on the 10th floor and had to rush down the stairs, in our pyjamas! I hope we don’t have to experience that again.

    Have a lovely week ahead Gracey cutesy!