Wednesday, April 20, 2011

just a random post

I tried hailing a cab once in this outraged fashion. >:P
More finds:
I missed Abiavocado & Shenan. Haven't seen them for a century.

I missed Bal, too. We always thought this photo is serious hilarity to get published on print. Get well soon, Balong!

And I missed Uma, too. Haven't seen her for around a century either (yes, we're so magical like that, we never grow old, heheh). That's her in a lovely white&gray shirt and we're all caught busy with booze. :P

Some circuitous snaps last weekend:

El oceano.

Taal Volcano view ~ one of my favorite spots down south. Maybe i can go this weekend. :)

Papaya FTW!

Bubs, bubs, bubs.

The legendary flat tops. For the Lord Vader. lolz

This will get me through.

Have a safe and good Lenten week everyone! :)

{clip from this afternoon's newspaper/ click to enlarge}


  1. haha! i love the lenten road trips tips. so funny! your photos are gorgeous as usual. love them all!

  2. Amazing photos collection ate !!! The 1st photo cracks me up !! Hahahaha.. you made my Thursday morning !!

    Happy Easter to you !! Thanks for sharing the tips. :)

    Mamaya ulit ate !!

  3. I love these!! The first one is amazing haha. xoxo