Sunday, April 10, 2011

weekend randoms: marv, rosette, bon, and a street blues snap

Bon showing early signs. Marv has been repainting furnitures at home doodled with crayons and pens, hahah.  By the look of his concentration contra food, he might be the artist's budding little artist at an early age. :)

Team stress, hahaha (bulging eyes are clearer indication). Although i admit, Tetet beat me with her drama, won by hundred miles a measure, no doubt. *Bow* 

The mother and son feeding program tandem. <3

Another Street Blues snap {modelling project} 


  1. yay for little artists! :) what a lucky guy to have a great artist like you around.

  2. awe so pretty... and definitely a cute little artist in the making!

  3. hey cutesy..hope you had a fab weekend..
    ohhh super talented little boy :) definitely an artist in the making..