Monday, May 9, 2011

a new day takes off

Last week has been terribly busy. Plus the tropical depression (turned storm signal) hit the city and knocked me flu-down. I'm still catching up with my exhibit pieces. I'm almost done per pieza but i'm facing a new dilemma ~ how to deliver all works this week. Anyway, i'll save that case for tomorrow. I just want to clear my head of all the worries. I opt to slow down this evening. 

In passing of this cold rainy duskiness, i'd like to share few snaps i took last week in between the in-demand weekdays. It lacks the minutiae but i dote the randomness. :)


He was trying to copy my bird-man art. >:)

You know that horror scene when you pass a really dark corner and all of sudden a scary thing pulls people up one by one? Reminds me of that, hahah. 
(Rob Galleria footbridge at night). 

My injury's terrible. I'm glad it's stitched closely and healing quickly than ever. 
Hindi lan kasi pari ang lumabas, buong wedding entourage pa. >:P

I have tons of favorite sweets (and junks) i used to eat when i was a kid. And Pop Rice (Can Tho in Vietnam) is one of them. Nostalgic joy that it is still around and selling Php 1.00 per piece in Sari-sari stores.

Speaking of happy things we devour, this choco tablea at Hyphy's (Robinsons Galleria) is seriously addicting. It's not too sweet and not too choco-bitter. Made me feel a lot better from the fatigue. 

Oh, and have i told you that Mama Mary's watching over me? I'm yet to get used to the feeling of looking up to my little shelf and staring straight to Mary Mother's heavenly face. It's like a reminder that i cannot speak a single ill word nor curse though mildly amidst work pressure and frustration hahah. Everyone in the office is joking that i'm the true rightful heir of the Holy Sculpture as i deal with tough workload. Or maybe they're expecting i could source out inspiration every time i looked up my desk? I'm not so sure. 

Other stuff at my territory: Doraemon, Patrick, little soft-pinch-able furry things and non-pinch-able (say Ultraman minis), design books (and other books heheh), mock-up files, zen sound system, a box of band-aid hahah, Wacom tablet, Iker note-holder, Ben Barnes super hi-res screensaver (yeah, i can zoom his barely-there-pores whenever i want to. And i beat Manel into the most extravagant screensaver but it seems like she and Josh Duhamel are catching up, i gotta do something!).

Just before the storm slashed in, there were constant drizzles nevertheless it was still a coquetry-ish blue day.

Sun via apartment view. New day, isn't? 

Ps. Happy Mother's day to all the warm-hearted, cool Mommies in the entire planet! :)


  1. haha, that foot bridge is totally creepy!! i hope you're feeling better this week and aren't too busy!

  2. gah! what a beautiful kitty you have.

  3. new days are sometimes the best cure! glad you're healing and hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Love all these piccies !! Mori is the cutest cat ever ! Hope this week is better for you ate.

    Have a great week.