Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question No.2 : The upbeat meets the breakup

Tadaah, i'm in the mood so i'll take the second question.

Question No. 2: What is your most liked music remake?
There are numerous music remakes in every genre. Yeah that almost all songs are being covered by different artists in totally different renditions. Among uncountable remakes, i personally dote for this song. First, both original and cover versions are extremely good you can just pick either depends on your mood. Second, it's so amusing that a single song of the same lyrics can make you dance and can also make you cry (the original is the upbeat song whilst the latter is the breakup hahah).

I have both Kylie Minogue and Jose Gonzalez versions in my ipod. Kylie goes in my groove-it playlist and Jose's relaxing Swedish-Argentine perfection is consistently played during road trips or whenever i feel like being accompanied while reading or painting (will you tell me i'm bias if i confess that i have the whole Jose Gonzalez album? He's really good. Highly recommended!) :)

Which do you prefer? What tops your music remakes list?


  1. i love jose gonzalez and all of his covers!

  2. yay! birds of the same feather tune together!

  3. definitely jose gonzalez, dear ate !!! huhu