Sunday, May 22, 2011

through my looking glass

I could stare at the clouds forever whenever i'm not feeling well. You know how pretty things get prettier as they blend in different shapes? It's fascinating. Life's daily miracles.

Worm's eye view from the pool deck last weekend. I prefer a lone, quiet swim on a Saturday. And it's safer paddling in a swim wear when offices in the opposite buildings are closed hohoh.

Being the observant, it doesn't take a rocket science i know, nevertheless i still want to write or draw what i see anyway. I may be that geek. Yea, i am. 
This is the lightest and smoothest i can do. My drawings are quite rougher lately.  

Don't you just love sitting beside the window to gaze into the horizons? I will always request (and insist) to be on the lookout heheh. 

By the way, since i'm feeling a lot better now, i'd like to share my Oh Summer, Oh Sunday folder of goods. I don't know how long this will be available via link, but just in case, nab it right away (as in NOW) kids. 
Track listing:
Glue Girls - Someone still loves you, Boris Yeltsin
The Next Time Around - Little Joy
What Can I Do For You? - Illinois
I thought you said summer is going to take the pain away - Hello Saferide
My Hands are Shaking - Sondre Lerche
Thank you Mario, but our Princess is in another castle - The Mountain Goats & Kaki King
We are not football team - Minus the Bear
Fine Day - The Fairways
Calgary - Bon Iver (fresh track from new album!)
Jogging Gorgeous Summer - Islands
Let's Get Known - The Unicorns
Heaven - The Fire Theft
Turn back around - Lucy Schwartz

Dance your heart out + sing your lungs out + blast the stereo on your car and pave the long highway like infinity express + celebrate the world didn't meet 6PM-doomsday (yet and hopefully not yet) = Enjoy.
*Back to devising The Plan* 
Happy weekend, earthlings! 


  1. Gorgeous pictures! It's so great that you are so inspired! And lovely playlist :)

  2. Next station - Kuala Lumpur.hehe

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing this ate.