Friday, May 20, 2011

how-to-be-an-explorer clip

I can barely recall the source but i probably got this from a class. 

I got weird flash of thoughts sometimes. But it's helpful to record it for some reasons than one. 

It's out of the topic but i just want to insert that < in my head, i think i have the cutest passport holder. :3


  1. i love that "how to be explorer of the world." i think i've seen that somewhere, but it was a little more along the lines of teaching young children. whether you're 4 or 34, it's all the same right?

  2. This is great!! I love the list, it's so perfect for those of us that need to get some whimsy back into our lives. And great passport holder!

  3. Um yes I completely agree that is such a cute passport holder. I think my pass port is one of my favourite possessions!

  4. i love this! you know what's funny about the explorer part? is that it really seems to happen naturally when you are sharing it with a little one, because everything truly is new to them!

    my fave: incorporate indeterminacy.

    the passport holder isn't too random for this post. and i DO love your holder. i don't have a holder. maybe it's time to find me one!