Friday, May 20, 2011

Who’ll draw the line in the sand

Manel left this note the day of of her flight. I already missed her. Aside from having no one to bully anymore hahah, the work station got so quiet without her around. I have no one to compete on with "Who's the hottest interactive screensaver guy" (her Josh Duhamel vs my Ben Barnes). 
 LOLz at "Wish me luck and i will wish (you) luck, too"  :3

Speaking of notes, i was skimming over my old journal when i found some interesting stuff.
Noted lines written by my friend Miki

Funny Uma surprise (and sneaky) birthday greeting.

And an unsent letter.. 
Writing this nice (and cheezy heheh) is like a distant ability. Will i be able to write like this again? *shrugs*

In the midst of an unreasonably hot allergy-giving weather, these two tracks auto-cools me down. Might as well share the current mixes too. :)

Is it possible that this fourteen-liner song is equivalent to hundreds? Yes

And maybe you'll be the one
for us to cross...

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  1. aww.. na-miss ko naman si Manel.. I knew she was leaving, but I didn't know na Dubai.. I was gonna message you in your FB wall coz you popped up in my news feed and those items in the right-hand side of the screen, so I read your notes while listening to Johnoy Danao (coz my friend made me, and I heart him na) hahaha! ang labo ng comment ko :D see you around!