Saturday, June 18, 2011


Random things this weekend: acquired little bruises from trekking and ziplining (seriously, how come i get to bruise easily, particularly in a zipline, tsk, which i think is lame hahah); almost-wardrobe-malfunction ~ thanks to my instinct for bringing my old swimsuits in my backpack as my recent suits got so unreliably loose due to weight loss; fresh injury from knocking off the sea markers while challenging the waves; and newly acquired sunburn. 

Albeit, weekend's awesome. I'll be back with photos of tree hopping, waves wrestling, tête-à-tête with nature, and underwater creatures.  :)

panoramic take

Playing with sunset's wild waves.
I just love the sound of waves crashing. :) 

*Phi-Phi, Bataan


  1. wow, it sounds like you are on quite the adventure! and that is a gorgeous view. i can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories!