Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kasing init ng Pandesal

The issue of blasphemy is racking the news on tv, print, and social media. I also read this article via Art Daily: Filipinos Cry Sacrilege Over Art with Christ, Phallic Symbols by Artist Mideo Cruz

Debates are heating the floor. The battle of words - both sides armed with their share of points. Some people may not find it offensive, but this may not be true for others considering the way things are ignited as of today and how it provoked the Church's strong disapproval. Nevertheless, the artist deserves the right to express his views, too. Hate the art or not but hate it with respect to the artist's freedom of expression. Threatening to bomb (prank or no prank) the CCP and kill the artist aren't a good example of showing the world your faith. Vandalizing CCP just because you don't like what is being exhibited is another matter. People are saying Mideo Cruz should be responsible and sensitive in doing his artworks but they should also be responsible on the way they use the social media to criticize. Both sides must be given the same tip of balance. Hear both. Art is never narrow-minded. And there is always the more civilized discourse. Yes, sharing your views via social media is another freedom of expression but cursing like mad men to raise a point is not torelable. Creating and cultivating hate FB pages like this is just . . . so troll.

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