Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ones who never yawn

The ones who never yawn
{watercolour and graphite}

I envy those who can stay so late working on their creativity. I can barely contain myself when I get tired and can only stay up until 3am with the help of caffeine and some energy-procuring extra curricular. Some years ago, I can still cartwheel the energy until six in the morning without naps. But then those are my college days whereas the stamina is at the peak of my teen years (literally in puberty stage back then hahah, I was nineteen when I graduated from the university). Maybe yes, it's truthfully difficult to work on a day job (that also extends in the evening) and do the things you love the most both at the same time. At twenty-four I'm starting to become conscious of what I've done during the past couple of years and what should I be doing at present and in the future. I say the proper timing to perfect the juggle now, noh?

Note to self: Don't be guilty. Sleep is good. In fact, soooo good that in few minutes, i will be crawling on the bed to watch a film until I fall head first napping. Ciao.

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