Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kim got raised by wolves

I am really a sucker for good music and a nerd for it, too. I go faint-hearted over some tracks composed of rich sound of different instruments atoned together to beat a whole. May it be from a popular band or some upcoming good musicians. We are fortunate that we can now have access to music quite literally at the tip of our finger tips at the comfort of our own chair unlike decades ago when we used to listen to the radio every chance we get, waiting fingers crossed, just to hear the music we like.

I paused from work to pass my fatigue by doodling, answering pending mails/mobile msgs, checking video clips ~ or listening to random songs from anywhere and elsewhere. I was doing that very thing when I stumbled at Kim's recent entry about this mysterious and talented husband of hers (i call Mr. Kim heheh). And to my impressed shock, I became a sudden fan of Raise by wolves.


You can read the rest about the band and listen to their soon-to-be-released tracks at Kim's page. Her husband is the violinist and kudos to him because personally, I think the violin parts and the rest of the string arrangements are one of the fine highlights of Sofia and Midnight Cowboy. I like Sofia so much. I feel that this band will make it big soon. :)


  1. i love kim & her blog so i am super excited to see this post. mr. kim... lol amazing. and love the music. how could you not!

  2. I love coming across new music, thanks for sharing I will have to check it out. I remember when I was little waiting with the cassette player ready to tape songs off the radio that I liked.

  3. i know i already said this on twitter, but thank you again so much for posting about dannon's band and for all your sweet words! it really meant a lot to both of us. :)

  4. Jenna and Megan, good music are really highly worth sharing! :D

    Kim, you're very much welcome. I'm excited for their music, too. ;)