Sunday, August 14, 2011

Playing with Blues

Mori's Birthday
{gouache and colour pencil} 

I'm enjoying water medium now. It serves an advantage to my busy schedule. I can't easily find time for my big canvases for being hectic. Most of the time, I spend a week or two to finish a big canvas. I feel quite restless lately, so I tend to grow impatient if I don't finish an artwork in a day. The excitement of looking forward to see the outcome clears my head and chase off the day's fatigue. I also like discovering something new that lets me explore more of my style by experimenting other materials with this medium. The lady of Poppies and Sunshine asked what paper I used for As sound as ours to us ~ it's watercolour paper block cold pressed 300 gsm. I also used a .5 2B for the lining and 5B for the rest. The blacks are brushed in pure matte watercolour. 

Sometimes, I use colour pencils like what I did on Mori's Birthday. I also coated it with white gouache to see how the colour will hold against the yellow ochre (for Mori's I used a plain paper page from my journal). The below artwork was done on a watercolour paper block, too. The thicker gsm can hold much water to spread the paint without the fear of wrinkling the paper. I'm still a little afraid to use other colours (my obvious favorites are blue gray, white, red-browns, and browns) so I will attempt to do it on the next pieces. 

At the Train Station
{gouache and colour pencil}