Monday, August 22, 2011


Xylography is an artistic technique in print-making in which an image is carved into a block of wood. To produce the image, the non-printing parts are removed by a chisel or a knife leaving the image to be shown in black or in a desired colour on the final surface. The chiseled surface is covered with ink by rolling over a brayer to render the art. 

I've always wanted to try a bigger Xylograph work. Back in college we made A3-sized plates/projects of relief printing and intaglio (etching and engraving) using hard rubber carvings but I've never experienced a real wood cutting. 

I passed by at The Crucible Gallery in SM Megamall the other day and got to see Pandy Aviado's Xylographs. Large woodcuts are always amusing to see. The "Edsa Ambulant Vendor" (first photo) is my favorite.

Zooming the prints, just imagine how physically challenging it is to make the image. The dry pointing is a serious craft. 

The artist also put a list of helpful terms in Print Making via his website. By the way, the exhibit will run until the 21st of August. See the pieces for yourselves. Really interesting. 

*One day, I will also try my hands on Xylographs. :) 


  1. I love xylographs! I have always wanted to make one of my own! I'm thinking I should take a class on it...

    I am hosting a giveaway today that you might want to check out :)

  2. ohh my !! something i learned in the art class during high school, 16 years back!! but we were only taught of the basic floral pattern, a one time project and that was it. talking about high school memories!

  3. Thanks Sunshine! :) Looking forward to see your art, too.

    Tiq, i hope you're feeling well now. It sure does bring a lot of memories. :)