Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mickey and Minnie, Uma and Uno, books and more books

Birthday cupcake given by the Gelpi Family, together with a sketchpad. Yay, new blank pages!

I honestly don't have any idea why they picked a matching Mickey Mouse cupcake and Minnie Mouse gift wrapper, hahah. I can't remember owning and walking around in anything Mickey and Minnie. Though, it's really cute. It made the surprise a surprise.  :P 

Saw Uma and Uno weeks ago. Uno is her DSLR, tadaah.. 

Visiting my sister's on-the-job training, I came across the selection of books on display by their office.
Really interesting stuff.

How I wished I can own them all. But my apartment cannot hold any more books. My portashelves are already on the verge of bursting and I don't know where else to put my other art materials. Someday, I'll create a room just for all of it in my dream house. 


  1. that's so funny you got random mickey & minnie themed birthday surprises. and i want some of those books too! someday. :)

  2. yep! inspiring design book are always so precious to keep at home. :)