Friday, September 16, 2011


Such a busy month for everyone. Count me in, too. When i'm not working in the office, i am at my drawing table or a table somewhere -- working. I made some slipper patterns recently and it's fun.

These Art Nouveau patterns are done line by line and shape by shape using Adobe PS CS4. It's quite harder and costed me some hours because the details are very scrutinizing.

While these patterns are Manila/Philippine-inspired theme. Left to right, top to bottom: Kalesa in Intramuros, illustrated Manila stamps, Pintados tattoo art, Ati-Atihan Festival illustration, and the popular Pinoy "Dirty Ice Cream" (nope, it's not dirty, we just call it that way because it is sold at the streets especially during summer; i'm not particularly sure about the origin of its name but i'll ask a friend of mine good in history of things Manila). These are done using Adobe PS, too.

open image in new tab to view larger

The slippers are distributed in China so i don't have the prototype or a pair of the actual. It's hard to choose which design i like the most but i go for the Ati-Atihan Hala Bira! , Dirty Ice Cream, Kalesa, the green and purple art nouveau patterns -- oh shoot, i like them all.  :P

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