Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The LOVD Brekky

The long overdue brekky date finally commenced. It feels like a hundred years since i last showed up. 

Happy Lemon-ing birthday girl!

Altamira left na kasi, so taping her Taiwan ocean photo na lan, hahah! 

I had fun girls! Crazy ang misfits and other dunno-how-to-categorize stories. I had my own share of embarrassing story, too, a.k.a. the case of mistaken identity (bouquet of flower edition).

Funny copy+paste from Azee's FB dialogue:
Winna: "Gracey's version of the story... "Okay, kalma lang... Relax, the flowers might vanish into thin air.." =)) =)) =))"

Aze: "Panalo rin yung, "Nung sinabi niyang 'Teka, kilala ko 'tong handwriting na ito a,' parang unti unting gumuho yung pangarap ko..." Classic ka Gracey!"

I know right. Kill the hope. Voldemort says KILL. Hahah!

Till then, ciao!

PS. some pretty sightings last weekend...
Early morning.

And in the afternoon while lemon-ing with Aze.

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