Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jackson is in denial (the usual male act)

I brought lunch for Jackson and Pollock the other day and i noticed Pollocks bulging tummy. I'm wondering if she is pregnant. Or if it's really a she (i couldn't check if Pollock's got a birdie putotoy because he/she is tooo ferine). So many ifs, noh?

And if my suspicion is correct, is Jackson the bebe-daddy?

Yeee, Jackson is in denial oh! (Usual male act)

Anyway, maybe one of these days, by chance you'll pass the Velasquez Park (aka. Salcedo Park)  and you see them, please give them food will 'yeh? :)  I'm not sure who feeds them daily (probably the guards) but they're sooo skinny. And Pollock looks battered :( she/he got back scars. I would love to adopt them but it will be a total riot (Mori is quite possessive heh). I don't have much funds to care for three, too. Thank you! :)


  1. hehe i love how you call them jackson and pollock! oh they are cute!