Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Changing Christmas wishlist

Last weekend, we've been struck by a bad, bad news that left us heartbroken and shaken. The southern part of the Philippines was hit by tropical storm Sendong. As of today, there are 927 dead and still a hundred reported missing especially in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. It feels so awful seeing dead kids on the news, dead bodies in rows at muddy roads. There are survivors, some still needed to be rescued and a whole lot of them in the evacuation centers. THEY NEED HELP - food, clothes, blankets and water. Christmas is coming and just imagine how these people will spend the eve of the supposed to be happy Filipino celebration.

Today, i'll finish packing some of my clothes and blankets i can send to CDO and Iligan. To my friends who are planning to give me a Christmas gift, thank you very much but please please... i will be happier if you donate. And you reading this, maybe you can share your Christmas:

Please please spread the word, share this post, share the list. Few minutes of your time can do wonders. Thank you and advance Merry Christmas!


  1. holiday cleaning. i will definitely send my stuff at LBC since they have branches everywhere. most of them are still in good condition.