Tuesday, December 13, 2011

yuletide ville, party, games

Boni, the rest of Mandaluyong City and the whole Metro
are already pumped up with sparkling LEDs. Our place is super...

illuminance to the nth power!

Parties are happening simultenously, too. In fact, i attended first one last week. I was supposed to be a Christmas elf, but i ended up looking like a suman-wrapped gift (i lose weight again >:( so i had to re-adjust dress that used to fit me perfectly a year ago / ps. i recycle clothes if i don't have costume :P ).
Anyway, i like the twister game. I always win (partida, naka-skirt pa ko niyan)
and always in the winning team. Thank you Yoga!

I honestly dunno what i was doing in this photo, heheh. But i assure you, i wasn't singing. 

Now i know where Mori got his moves from.. of course it's momma. 
Here, kitty kitty...

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